I do maintain a Facebook page which is linked to here but since Facebook is currently hosting paid campaigns from various climate change denial groups attacking climate science, I am also going to report on and give some intelligence on who these groups are what they’re doing on Facebook. The paid promotions tend to occur whenever there is something happening in the world of climate science and climate activism. They have a regular cycle centered around climate strike Fridays but they will also come out in reaction to any newsworthy event about climate like the Madrid COP25 summit that is happening as I write this. In the week before, I’ve had numerous paid posts from all the groups in the list below after a fairly quiet interval in early November.


 Climate Logic on Facebook

Flies in my science, it all started on Facebook


Some of the paid climate change denial promotions on Facebook

  1. Friends of Science. This is a Canadian climate change denial organizations. They are well funded. They deny funding by the fossil fuel industry but that has been disproven by several investigative reporters. Apart from denying climate science, they also like to spread anti wind and solar technology propaganda that shows an obvious fossil fuel industry bias. This is a fairly slick operation as climate change denial goes. They try to maintain a veneer of respectability and claim scientific credibility but they can easily drop to the level of conspiracy theories and ideological bashing.      https://www.desmogblog.com/friends-of-science
  2. Climate Change is Natural. This page has the most paid posts on my feed. I read somewhere that is is connected to the Epoch Times which is run by the Falun Gong but I haven’t found anything that verifies this. Compared to Friends of Science it is pretty lowbrow and I get a lot of ad hominem attacks with misspelled words when I post comments on their page. They definitely promote conspiracy theories about Greta Thunberg. A casual look at their Facebook page shows memes that try to connect her to George Soros and the New World Order and also bring up Chemtrails and other conspiracy theories. There is no mention of where they are located but there are a lot of posts about Australian politics so Australia would be a good guess.
  3. The Global Warming Policy Forum. This is an occasional unwelcome visitor on my Facebook feed. It is based in the UK and fairly transparent as these pages go with the notable exception of their funding. It is definitely in the “slick operator” category. I’ve seen no conspiracy theories on either the Facebook page or their website and they brag about the academic qualifications and political connections of their board members. I do see the indications of a strong fossil industry bias with attacks on wind and solar power along with the climate change denial which is an indicator of funding from the fossil fuel industry. Almost all of these climate change denial groups are sensitive to information being shared about their funding. https://www.desmogblog.com/global-warming-policy-foundation   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Warming_Policy_Foundation
  4. Electroverse. This site’s page has shown up as a paid promotion on my feed twice. It features articles about extremes of cold weather while omitting the extremes of hot weather to give an overall impression that it’s getting colder out there. In other words, the whole site is built on cherry picked data. It also has a complete lack of transparency with no ownership or authorship identified on either its website or Facebook page. The Facebook page has only been in operation since 2018 and the website is just a WordPress site hosted in Provo Utah in the US.