A Small Echo Chamber


When I started this website, I said that climate change denial has a vast echo chamber. I was wrong, it is actually a very small echo chamber with a lot of echos. After a couple of months of paying attention both to what is coming out of climate science and the paid promotions of climate change denial organizations, I see a pattern: The deniers are constantly cross referencing themselves and it’s really a small incestuous propaganda circle. Their echo chamber is rather small even if it does make a lot of noise on social media. All of this fits in with what I originally stated as a basis of this website: That there is no real serious science that disputes man made climate change and all the denial is politically based. There is almost no factually relevant material that the deniers can use to support their arguments so they have to constantly echo their opinions and sophistry to the like minded. While that can make an impression on social media, it doesn’t affect the science in the least. Even in the measure of politics on social media, they are not doing all that well in spite of having well funded paid promotions. Friends of Science, for example, has 34,893 Facebook followers while Greta Thunberg has 2,708,605 and Extinction Rebellion has 374,109.

My basic view is that climate change denial propaganda should be tagged as “disinformation” on social media. At the very least, they should not be promoting themselves as science when they have no science at all to support their viewpoint and no interest at all in science other than disputing the consensus of climate scientists worldwide for political reasons.

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